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Our Vision ...


The Prime Objective of Telos is providing Technical Services of wide range including Safety, Energy Audit and Valuation related services of highest International Standard under one umbrella and provide meaningful contribution in avoiding /reducing/controlling the accidents and losses/transferring the losses in a sustained manner so as to achieve satisfaction of being part of positive efforts in preserving  national assets.


Our Mission ...


"Achieve formidable and enviable position in the field of Safety, Energy Audit and Valuation related services."









About Energy Audit

Energy Audit is a systematic process of verification, monitoring and analysis of the energy consumption in any setup, with the objective of identifying energy waste areas and improving the energy efficiency of the operations, thereby saving on energy costs.

The Energy Audit Report will include practical and technically feasible recommendations for improving the energy efficiency, along with cost benefit analysis, investments, savings, payback period etc.

Energy audit plays a vital role in the area of Energy Management in any industry, utility company, buildings, commercial complex, hospital, hotels, dairy etc., which has significant energy consumption. 

The Process

Detailed study of the electrical and thermal energy consumption is carried out during the course of an energy audit. This involves monitoring the performance parameters, taking measurements on key equipments etc. In addition to sector/company/equipment-specific audit checks, energy audit also includes wherever applicable, study of energy invoice data, review of fuel system, measurement of motor loading, determining performance of pumps, blowers, compressors, HVAC systems, lighting, boilers, heat exchangers, furnaces, ovens, utilities e.g. steam system, compressed air, refrigeration system etc.

The Role Of Telos

Telos has a dedicated team of qualified Energy Auditors who are certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India. They are having rich background of working in the Indian industry and have done extensive work in the field of Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency. Telos energy team members in their individual capacities, have totally conducted over 100 Energy Audits for over 20 years, covering a wide spectrum of industries.

The Law

The Government of India has passed the Energy Conservation Act-2001. Various regulations will also be coming in place for most of the energy consumers. Periodic Energy Audits by Accredited Energy Auditors & their certifying the energy consumption norms & standards of production, will become mandatory as per law, for all ‘designated consumers’. But above all, Energy audit will directly benefit the consumer by resulting in reduced energy bills.

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