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Our Vision ...


The Prime Objective of Telos is providing Technical Services of wide range including Safety, Energy Audit and Valuation related services of highest International Standard under one umbrella and provide meaningful contribution in avoiding /reducing/controlling the accidents and losses/transferring the losses in a sustained manner so as to achieve satisfaction of being part of positive efforts in preserving  national assets.


Our Mission ...


"Achieve formidable and enviable position in the field of Safety, Energy Audit and Valuation related services."










Safety / Fire Audit

A comprehensive study of all the likely exposures due to electrical faults, storages, and other hazards associated with the industries. Safety Audit is a statutory requirement under the Factories Act. Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) have developed a code for Occupational Health and Safety called IS 14489. Telos has expertise in auditing for the requirements of this questionnaire.

 Electrical Safety Audit including Thermography

The electrical safety audit of the plant basically looks into the details of the safety aspects of the electrical equipment, review of the operating and maintenance scheduling, testing procedures. In addition the electrical accident investigation / reporting formats are studied and commented upon. Electrical Safety Audit would help identify potential electrical hazards which when eliminated / reduced, would improve plant safety.



OFF-Site Disaster Management Plan (DMP)
Off-site Disaster Management Plan also known as the District Disaster Management Plan is the responsibility of the District Collector. Telos personnel have extensive experience in preparation as well as organizing mock drills to assess the level of preparedness of the District level authorities to handle a disaster.

ON-Site Disaster Management Plan (DMP)
This study involves evaluation of an emergency like fire, explosion, toxic release or accidents which can occur during handling of hazardous material; the assessment of an emergency, raising and communication of alarm. This would also include identifying the responsibilities and duties of various officers in an emergency. Preparing an On-site Emergency Management Plan for handling emergencies is mandatory, for major accident hazard industries.



Fire Detection & Protection
A Schematic layout design / review of the Fire Protection / Detection System for industries would be undertaken. Layout of hydrant system along with details of firewater requirements would be provided as per existing national / international codes. For existing Fire Protection & Detection Systems, recommendations would be provided where necessary.


Hazard & Operability (HAZOP) Study is the application of a formal, systematic and critical examination of the process and engineering intentions of a process design. The potential for hazard is thus assessed and malfunction of individual items of equipment and the consequences for the whole system are identified. HAZOP is structured around a specific set of guidewords, and ensures significant coverage of all possible problems while allowing sufficient flexibility for an imaginative approach. HAZOP study is recommended during or after the detailed design stage of a plant and can be carried out on plants being set up as well as on operating plants.

OSHAS 18001

OSHAS 18001 has been developed by BSI (British Standards Institution) to urgent customer demand for occupational health and safety management system against which their management systems can be assessed and certified. OSHAS 18001 has been developed to be compatible with the ISO 9001: 2000 (Quality) and ISO 14001: 1996 (Environmental) Management Systems Standards, in order to facilitate their integration if desired.


The Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) identifies and analyses the hazards during the concept, design and blueprint stages. Based on the analysis, recommendations are made to reduce / minimise the hazards and to plant the layout of the facility. PHA is used to evaluate hazards early in the life of a process. It is generally applied during the conceptual design and R&D phase of a process plant. It is also used as a design review tool before a process P&ID is developed. This will help in proposing safety layout of the plant.


Fire Risk Assessment
To Identify areas which have a potential for Fire / Explosion Risk. The existing detection and fire-fighting system would be reviewed. The various systems such as fire hydrant and sprinklers would be studied
and recommendations given for improvement.

Consequence Analysis
This includes determination of affected distances for the identified Maximum Credible Loss Scenarios using computer aided software. The distances would indicate the radiation and over pressure level for flammable substances and vapour concentration for toxic chemicals. By using this technique, one can locate the areas of the site which would be affected in the event of an emergency. Consequence Analysis distances are incorporated in the On-site as well as Off-site Emergency Management Plan.

Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)
Qualitative Risk Assessment (QRA) identifies potential physical hazard using structured techniques. Evaluation, Assessment and Quantification of hazards in terms of probability, magnitude, severity and frequency are also undertaken. The techniques adopted are Fault Tree Analysis, Consequence Analysis, Event Tree Analysis, Individual Risk and Societal Risk.



TELOS has a separate cell for carrying out “Risk Surveys” from underwriting view point for Insurance Companies / Reinsurers / Insurance Brokers.

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