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Our Vision ...


The Prime Objective of Telos is providing Technical Services of wide range including Safety, Environment, Energy Management and Valuation related services of highest International Standard under one umbrella and provide meaningful contribution in avoiding /reducing/controlling the accidents and losses/transferring the losses in a sustained manner so as to achieve satisfaction of being part of positive efforts in preserving the environment and national assets.


Our Mission ...


- Achieve formidable and enviable position in the field of Risk Management & Safety.










Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study aims at identifying, predicting and evaluating potential environmental impacts of a proposed project. The study also includes suggesting mitigative measures in the form of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to alleviate identified adverse environmental impacts. The study interalia includes carrying out Risk Analysis (RA) and preparation of On-site Disaster Management Plan (DMP).<BR>EIA is used as one of the decision-making tools by the regulatory authorities to accord environmental clearance for proposed projects. In India, under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and rules made thereunder, an EIA study is required to be carried out mandatorily for expansion / modernisation of existing facilities as well as proposed new facilities of selected industrial sectors or projects for the purpose of obtaining environmental clearance.


Environmental Audit (EA) is a systematic, documented verification process of obtaining and evaluating evidence to determine whether the specified environmental management practices / performances or related matters conform with the audit criteria. Scope of the EA also includes recommending improvements to the existing practices to yield better environmental performance.


This study is carried out prior to acquisition, selling, leasing or merger of real estate transactions with the objective of identifying and thus effectively managing the potential environmental risks and liabilities associated with past activities carried out at the site.


Under this service, TELOS facilitates development and implementation of an appropriate Environmental Management System (EMS) for the client in line with the provisions of ISO 14001 and related ISO codes. TELOS also assists the client to obtain ISO 14001 certification and maintain an EMS leading to continual improvement, scope for addition to the organisationís bottomline and renewal of certification.


TELOS provides training in wide ranging environmental perspectives, tools and techniques both for diversified audience and delegates of specific industries. The scope of training can be tailored to suit the client's specific requirements.


This study can be combined with EA to facilitate environmental regulatory compliance, mitigate adverse environmental impacts, resource conservation, and achieve an optimal level of environmental performance.


Waste audit approach is used to identify avenues and opportunities for waste minimisation / pollution prevention / resource conservation which has potential for significant cost savings besides superior environmental management. Implementation support in the form of assistance in developing a practical pollution prevention program, employee training and periodic audit is also offered.


As part of responsible corporate governance, environmental data like risks, liabilities, impacts, policies, strategies, targets, costs, performance may be communicated to the stakeholders through Environmental Reporting. TELOS facilitates developing an effective Environmental Report and also verifies the contents of the report.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a management tool designed to help business and consumer learn and understand more about the environmental impacts associated with products or processes over the entire life cycle of their existence. TELOS can carry out this highly complex study as per the ISO guidelines.


Product Stewardship is defined as "the responsible and ethical management of a product during its progress from inception to ultimate use and beyond". TELOS can assist in developing an effective Product Stewardship program to make health, safety, and environmental protection an integral part of designing, manufacturing, marketing,
distributing, using, recycling and disposing of products.


Under this service TELOS facilitates development and implementation of an appropriate Social Accountability Management System for the client in line with SA 8000 standard. TRMS also assist the client to obtain SA 8000 certification and to maintain a system leading to continual improvement and renewal of certification.

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